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Chinese New Year Events in Penang《辛卯百免迎新春文化廟會》

 The Han Jiang Teochew Ancestral Temple on Chulia Street - one of the best places to visit on February 12th
This week is the highlight of Chinese New Year in Penang. We have been counting down to the “auspicious” dates - February 10th & 12th.

On February 10th, the Hokkien community in Penang will have a celebration at Chew Clan Jetty in honor of the Jade Emperor's birthday (9th day of the Lunar calendar), known as Thni Kong Seh in Hokkien 天公诞. 30 long tables will stretch along Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay) filled with offerings of cakes and fruits, bottles of cognac, dry food baskets, sugarcane stalks, cans of Guinness, and anything else to overfill the tables with wealth.  At the entrance of the Chew Jetty, the Chinese temple will be decorated with red lights and lanterns, and burst to life with firecrackers, lions, and neon colored dragons. 
The lively and colorful and "firecracking" celebration of Thni Kong Seh (Jade Emperor’s birthday) at Chew Jetty in George Town
And on February 12, the streets of George Town will be closed and crammed with tens of thousands of people for the "Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage Celebration". Spanning from Chulia Street, Armenian Street, Soo Hong Lane, Ah Quee Street, Acheen Street, Cannon Street, Kampung Kolam to Jalan Kapitan Keling, the streets and Chinese temples will be transformed into scenes of the past called, "Time Tunnel to Old Penang", where everyone is invited to dress up in period Chinese costumes as part of the fun. There will also be activities, performances, and exhibitions on everything from martial arts, lion & dragon dances, Chinese acrobats, Teochew Opera, traditional Chinese medicine, clan genealogy, Chinese weddings, Shoutao (Peach buns), drumming, calligraphy and Chinese folk tales.  And at midnight, fireworks will light up the George Town sky. 

I hope you're in Penang this week!

Thni Kong Seh (Jade Emperor’s birthday)
Date: February 10, 2011    
Time: 7pm to Midnight
Location: Chew Jetty on Weld Quay in George Town

Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage Celebration
Date: February 12, 2011     
Time: 3pm to Midnight
Location: various streets in George Town (see official map below) 

Please click here for the program details
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