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Little India in Penang

Can’t you tell that Little India is our favorite place in George Town?  We can’t help but to be outwardly biased.  The place tickles your senses with savory cuisine, colorful Hindu temples, and exotic spices.  The slower you walk, the faster you fall in love with Little India.

Blanketing an area around Queen Street, Market Street, King Street, Penang Street and China Street, Little India thrives with the chaos and energy that has been carried over generations. The community is keeping George Town alive. And the good news is, the area is sprawling out in all directions.

Blaring Hindi & Tamil music invite you to dance, while you shop for saris, bangles, or the stainless steel tiffin. When you look closer, you catch sight of an Indian goldsmith fashioning fine jewelry, a cook in a bright uniform "pulling tea" (teh tarik), a craftsman weaving flower garlands, and an Indian barber snipping away in a tiny shop.

It’s truly a mini India outside of India. The only difference is Little India in Penang has tiny pockets of Chinese clan temples and Malay businesses that add to the fusion of this buzzing cultural quarter.

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