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Night Market Addiction: Jelutong Pasar Malam

            The dizzying rush of Jelutong night market every Friday night on Jalan Van Praagh (Road)

After a few trips to Farlim night market (pasar malam) on Wednesday nights, we thought to ourselves, why can't we do this every night?

The obvious answer being we would keel over from gluttony.

Sugar cane juice, grilled sweet corn, asam laksa, yong tau foo (soup with fish balls and stuffed bean curd), ang dao th'ng (red bean dessert), lok lok (meats and veggies on a stick), char koay kak (fried rice flour), chocolate bananas, pickled fruits, dim sum, pizza, nutmeg juice, satay, Bangkok coconut pancake, Japanese crepe, muar chee (sticky rice balls), bak chang (glutinous rice with lots of ingredients), cakes and muffins, bubble tea, sushi, Taiwanese style pepper chicken, corn dogs, Chinese sweet desserts, popcorn, herbal teas, prawn/yam/sweet potato crackers, soya bean with grass jelly, Malay style fried nuggets, keropok lekor (fish crackers), hokkien mee, char hor fun (fried flat noodle), chicken wings, fresh jackfruit, piles of tropical fruits, dau fu fa (beancurd jelly with brown sugar), Japanese squid balls, Taiwanese jelly, rojak (fruit and vegetable salad), spicy fried squid rings, coconut jelly, takoyaki and gyoza (Japanese snacks), Char Siew Soh (roasted pork pillow pastry), oyster mee sua (oyster noodles), and fried belacan chicken - fried everything!

And yes, the list could go on.

Unfortunately, that didn't stop us from asking ourselves the question again - why can't we do this every night?

Okay, that question was a bit greedy.  How about three nights a week?  Sure!  Monday nights in Macallum, Wednesday nights in Farlim, and Friday nights in Jelutong.  Probably best to have a day off between...to recover from the food coma.  
All smiles at the Jelutong night market, serving ang dao th'ng (red bean dessert with orange zest)

When: around 6.30pm-11pm
Where: Jalan Van Praagh (Road) in Jelutong (see map below)
How to get there: take bus #11 from the Jetty Terminal or Komtar, and ask the driver to let you know when to get off for the night market (should be about a 15-20 minute ride). Please note that the bus is not frequent after 9pm, so you may need to wait 30-45 minutes coming back (or take a taxi back). 

The night market moves to Farlim on Wednesday nights, and Macallum on Monday nights.

View Jelutong Night Market (Pasar Malam) in a larger map


Christine said...

Hi there, This is a great post! It helped me and my husband find the perfect Pasar Malam to go to while we were in Penang a few weeks ago. I wanted to just let you know though that there were absolutely no taxis out that way the night we were there. We ended up walking about 2 hours (completely lost) towards the city before a random taxi picked us up near Komtar. I spoke to hawker stall owners, convenience stores, random people on the street out of desperation and even called up taxi numbers and all of them said 'There are never any taxis out this way'. Not once did we see a taxi on Jelutong road and even the taxi driver that picked us up said that no taxis go out that way at night. So just thought I'd let you know that. All in all, it was still one of the best nights of my life eating food I haven't tasted since I was a little child!

seasonwithspice said...

Hi Christine, great to hear you enjoyed all the food at Jelutong Night Market. And thanks for sharing your tips about transport back for other tourists who might want to venture out there.

We experienced the same thing a few months back. We waited for the bus back to George Town around 9pm, but after an hour, it never came. We asked a few people running a food stall nearby and they called a taxi for us which came about 15 minutes later. I guess we got lucky after reading about your experience.

I think for anyone reading this and considering going to Jelutong Night Market, it is best to drive there yourself, or call a taxi ahead of time to confirm that they can pick you up around 9-10pm to take you back to George Town.

Thanks again Christine for the tips, and happy to hear your two hour walk back didn't put too much of a damper on your trip.


Reese & Mark

Kcyang91 said...

can get the contact no of the stall?

capturingpenang said...

Hi, there are no contact numbers for the stalls at the night market. You just go that night, and enjoy!

AwarenessForex said...

I was just there very recently. Yes, this was much bigger than Gurney Plaza and the variety. The only thing that wasn't there was fresh juice vendors; particularly sugar cane. But they did have tons of stuff I've never seen before in one place, not just food but also the different clothes and trinkets.

All of the vendors wore orange T-shirts.

木-木木 said...

Hi, since your post was 3 years ago. but i still want to tell you that buses are just nearby. The buses will pass by Jelutong road. Buses are frequent along Jelutong road instead of Perak Road. Just a walking distance of around 5-10 minutes to Jelutong road from the pasar malam (very near). Buses operate till midnight, my advice is better wait your bus before 10pm.