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Durian Addiction

After the fun trip to Bao Sheng Durian Farm,  I couldn’t stop Mark from talking about going back there every single day. He has been asking around - friends, family, strangers, to see if anyone can give us a ride up the hill again. We don’t have a car here, so the farm is a bit out of our reach.

Then the opportunity arose when all my uncles and aunts came back to Penang this past weekend for my eldest aunt’s birthday.  Mark used his charm (begging) and convinced them to go the next day.

The weather didn’t cooperate for a sunset view from the farm, but we enjoyed devouring the durians again before the season ends.

Mr. Chang was kind enough to share some pictures of his farm with us. For those of you who have not seen durian flowers, here you go:
  Who would expect the spiky fruit and the lovely flowers come from the same tree?
          Nothing beats the experience of eating durian while watching the sunset on the hillside.
100 year old durian tree


ilene said...

Thanks so much for sharing the info. Really, I didn't know these lovely flowers end result is the king of fruits! I've never seen the flowers as it's always the thorny fruit.

It's a beautiful sunset picture you've captured. :)

LJ said...

Reese, wait for me to come back. We shall have durian at my dad's orchard!

Reese said...

Hi ilene - Thanks for reading. The pictures are courtesy of Mr. Chang from Bao Sheng Durian. We missed the sunset because of the cloudy day. That gives us excuse to go back again.

LJ - I am waiting for you to come back!

m.fay said...

cool pics! happy to find your blog. please stop by mine and say hi.


MayaKirana said...

Let us know when the next season comes around and we can make a trip up there. I have not been to this farm. And yes, we can give you a ride up there.

LJ said...

Reese, wait for me to come back. We shall have durian at my dad's orchard!