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George Town Festival: An evening of Unforgettable George Town

Khoo Kongsi opened its stage to international performers and to the different ethnic communities of Penang for a spectacular evening of cultural shows.  Hundreds of locals and tourists gathered at the historic temple to enjoy a colourful feast of music and dance to top off a full day of celebration throughout the streets of George Town.

Classic Beijing Opera: Ghaffar Pourazar & Chie Morimura wowed the crowd with an excerpt of "The Monkey King".
Jonget with the Peranakan: Johnny & the Nyonya Ladies singing and swaying to the catchy tune of folk songs.
Happy family fashion show in Penang’s Malayali style! The crowd gave a rousing cheer when the Malayali’s grandpa & grandma took to the stage. The Penang Malayali people originally came from Kerala, in Southern India.
Electrifying dance performances from Malayali girls & the Punjabi ladies.
One of my personal favourites & I believe the girls’ favourite - the fun, energetic, and explosive Punjabi drummers known as the Penang Dhol Blasters. The boys have contemporarised the beats with Dhol (a traditional Punjabi drum) with their youthful showmanship.


debi said...


I love the beautiful clothing, and everyone looks like they're having so much fun!

Great pics, debi

Reese said...

Thanks Debi - Yes, it was a blast! Some people from the crowd also dressed up in colorful costumes as well.

A.N.vishnu said...

i like you