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Fried Wonton & Boiled Shui Gao (Dumplings!)

August seems to be the universal birthday month. My two sisters, Mark, my good friends - all born in August.  It is the time my brain gets stretched thinking about birthday surprises, so I rang Mom up last night to ask her for a recipe to use for birthday parties. Anything home-cooked is a sure win.

“Wonton and shui gao”, she suggests over the phone. Now that’s something new. I didn't recall her ever making these dumplings before. I think she kept the recipe secret as bait to lure her children home. 

Of course, I was excited to try them out. I made an appointment with Mom and showed up at her place this morning. In her typical style, Mom had all the ingredients laid out nicely on the table, like the beginning of a professional cooking class.  She gave me a short brief and then we dived in with mixing, wrapping, and deep-frying.

Did the dumplings turn out well? Before the second batch was out, Mark & my sister HY had finished them all.  

Fried Wontons & Shui Gao (dumplings recipe) 
Makes about 40 pieces of wontons or 30 pieces of shui gao

What we need:
1 cup of shelled and deveined medium prawns
3/4 cup boneless lean pork
7 fresh water chestnuts (for extra crunch & sweetness)
Pinch of salt
White pepper for taste
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
Chopped spring onions
1 slice of ginger, minced (optional) - Can be used together with soy sauce as dipping
2 spoons of tapioca starch (optional) - Mom used the starch as a "glue" for the dumplings
3 spoons of sesame oil
Wonton wrappers, as needed (Mom used both round & square shaped wrappers, but you can go with just one shape)

1. Peel the water chestnuts and finely chop. Finely chop the pork and prawns. Mom keeps a few chunkier pieces of prawns for that extra "mmmm" factor.

2. In a medium bowl, combine the pork & prawns with water chestnuts, minced ginger, salt, white pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce, and spring onions. This is the filling for fried wonton & shui gao.

3. Lay the wrappers in front of you. Prepare a small bowl of water or water mixed with tapioca starch (as the glue).

For wonton (used square-shaped wrapper) - wet the square edges of the wrapper with tapioca starch water. Place a teaspoon of the filling in the middle.
Lift two opposite corners of the wrapper and press them together. Keeping the two corners in place, fold up the other two corners, one at a time, so all four corners are pressed together.  The corners will face up on the pan.

For shui gao (used round-shaped wrapper) - Similar method as wonton, but shui gao requires less folding. After placing the filling in the middle of the wrapper, wet half of the round edge with the tapioca starch water.  Then fold the wrapper in half and press the edges firmly together to completely seal.

Cooking them:
Deep Fried Wonton
Heat the oil.  Add the wontons to the hot oil, sliding them in carefully. Deep-fry the wontons in batches until they are golden brown, turning to make sure they brown evenly. Drain on paper towels.

Boiled Shui Gao
Cook in boiling water for 5-6 minutes or in soup as desired.

These dumplings are perfect for a party or for an evening snack. Both can be prepared ahead of time, up to the cooking stage and frozen. Thaw before cooking.

To every August baby, here’s my birthday treat for you!


debi said...


My mouth is watering! My daughter and I will have to try this one.


Reese said...

Debi - Hope you can find some water chestnut over there. If not, you can still make do without. It's really fun to make! Your daughter will enjoy making it.

Elodie Jane Amora said...

the wontons look good! :)

Jun said...

They look so deadly delicious! The wontons!

Capturingpenang said...

Thanks Jun:)