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Fried Bananas (Pisang Goreng) & more - The Golden Snacks of Penang

Some days when the sun gets to be too much, it's a struggle to enjoy walking around town. But when we do find something special, it makes all the sweating worth while. Today, we felt that joy of discovery when we found the best snack, served by the friendliest family in George Town - "Pisang Goreng" (Fried Banana) at Tan Jetty*.
As straightforward as the stall name sounds, there are more than just fried bananas.  Your golden deep-fried choices include peanut ball, sweet corn filled bread, jackfruit, red bean ball and some new additions once in a while.
The most interesting choice, and my new favorite, is a three layered delightful treat called Nian Gao 年糕 (Chinese New Year cake).  The nian gao is made with glutinous rice flour and brown sugar, which is sandwiched between slices of sweet potato & yam. This special sandwich is then deep fried into a must-try Penang snack. When you take that first bite, the nian gao oozes out in a satisfying sweetness. With a gooey texture, it is balanced by its perfect companions - sweet potato, yam and a crispy shell. Seriously good. You will have to stop yourself. At least in my case.
Don’t be dismayed when you see the trays empty at the stall. It is not filled up because they deep fry those treats fresh from the wok, batch by batch, so it crunches and melts in your mouth. Ahh...all those yummy ingredients dipped into batter and hot oil in the name of making delectable food.

There are more stalls in Penang selling fried treats, but what drew us to this one was the happy family working together. It is hot and hard work, but you couldn't tell by watching since they are having so much fun doing it! On weekdays, you meet the friendly and smiley Mr Tan & Mrs Tan. On weekends, their daughter & son join in the action.

We recommend walking to this one.  A lot of calories to burn off...

Where: Pangkalan Weld Tan Jetty, one of the water villages in George Town. The stall is right outside of their house, under the Tan Jetty sign.
When: They prepare all morning and then open up at 2pm and close at 6.30pm. Open every day, but Sunday.

*The Penang Clan Jetties are home to Chinese communities living on wooden houses on stilts over the water, along the coastline in George Town. The Jetties have existed since the mid 19th century, and are home to some of the last authentic village areas in George Town.

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Lex said...

I love the 'pisang goreng'... guess this was the best in George Town and I am hungry already.

Reese said...

Cheers Lex! I have craving for the pisang goreng all the time too. The fried nian gao is even better!

BaZi said...

Hi Reese, you staying in Penang?

Reese said...

Hi Bazi,

Yes, I'm currently living in Penang. You can read more on our About page.


Thanks for stopping by.


BaZi said...

I'm born in butterworth but currently working in S'pore. How I wish I'll have the chance to try all the food recommended by you.. I'm glad Penang have you.


Reese said...

Thanks Bazi - I'm sure you'll have a chance to try the food when you get back. Butterworth has no exception when comes to food:)

There are many people in PG/ outside of PG that are doing great things to help the island. I'm just playing a small part.

Cheers to you too!

BaZi said...

I'm born in butterworth but currently working in S'pore. How I wish I'll have the chance to try all the food recommended by you.. I'm glad Penang have you.


Pen Mom said...

Wow, so much of interesting posts. Learnt a lot from your site today! Been in Penang for 2 and a half years but learnt much more from yr site in a day!!

capturingpenang said...

That's great to hear Pen Mom! Hope our work here encourages you to explore more of Penang