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Volunteer in Penang

I admit there was a bit of luck involved when we made our decision to move back to Penang earlier this year.  We bought a book called Streets Of George Town in 2009, which led us to an NGO's website, which led us to their office, which led us to bumping into the right people at exactly the right time for us to decide that Penang was the perfect place for us to volunteer.

Looking back at the episode, we shake our heads wondering why Penang doesn't have a proper portal for volunteers and organisations to find each other. 

Thanks to SERI, a pioneer think-tank in Penang, we stopped shaking our heads.

SERI created PenangCares, an online, one-stop portal to connect community-based organisations with potential volunteers. Whether you are a student, working adult, a retiree or anyone in between, there is a place for you to make a positive impact. 

PenangCares plans to have a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities in Penang, but they need your help.  If your organisation needs volunteers, or if you know of an organisation in Penang that does, please contact SERI at: penangcares@seri.com.my or 604-228-3306.

Thanks for doing your part to help Penang!

PS: Can you spot the two dorks on the PenangCares homepage?