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George Town Heritage Sites

There is a heritage movement underway in George Town. A walk through the UNESCO World Heritage site will reveal magnificently restored temples, mansions, shophouses, and colonial buildings. It is an exciting time to experience the history and culture of George Town.

For a quick introduction to Penang's heritage, please see the following audio slideshow from the BBC and a video clip from Al Jazeera:

"Penang's Melting Pot"(BBC)
"Penang Heritage Site Conundrum" (Al Jazeera)

For a closer look, find George Town sites on Capturing Penang:
This is a very brief list, so if you are on your way to Penang, be sure to pick up one of the many heritage related maps when you arrive, for a comprehensive list of all the fascinating historical sites in George Town.

If you are interested in a more in-depth look into Penang's traditional arts & crafts, architecture, history, and culture, please visit the following non-government organizations: