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Nasi Kandar Beratur - The longer you wait, the better it tastes

Masjid Kapitan Keling in the background
We headed down to Little India last week, which by the way should be renamed something "bigger" because of the speed at which the community is growing in George Town.  Little India has always been the liveliest part of town, so I’m happy to see it prosper in all directions.

We were eating at an over-priced Indian restaurant called Karaikudi.  With only one table occupied, a battalion of eager waiters, and two stomachs growling like lions in the Serengeti, we were certain that our food would be ready the moment we handed back the menus.

Fast forward one hour.  Mark was eating the one napkin on the table and he wasn’t sharing.  Waiter after waiter stopped by to assure us the food was on the way, as waiter after waiter walked away and took a seat near the counter without ever checking in the kitchen. 

The food did come.  And yes, it tasted good.  But all I could think of was no customers, a dozen workers, and an hour wait?  No one would wait an hour for food and smile about it. 

I was wrong.
As we strolled past Kapitan Keling Mosque around 10:30pm, a hundred happy people patiently waited in a line that snaked out along the sidewalk.  

“That hawker stall must be giving out free food,” Mark insisted.

When we made our way to the end of the line, noticing the very diverse crowd, we asked a Malay lady if something special was going on tonight.  

“Nothing special, it’s like this every night at Nasi Kandar Beratur”.

Beratur?  Fitting, since it means “queue”.  We walked by this hole in the wall numerous times, but never after 10pm, when it opens.  The food smelled and looked delicious, but the curry covered faces showed us it was even better.  
With already full bellies, we were the perfect customers.  We happily waited one hour as our hunger returned the moment we reached the front of the line.  And yes, the food was well worth the wait as we shared a plate of rice with spicy mixed curry, tender squid, fried chicken, and Lady's Fingers (okra).


Lex said...

it's worth to 'beratur' for the food anyway?

Reese said...

For the 10pm "beratur" experience, it's worth the wait:)

MayaKirana said...

Always heard of it but never tried it. Too lazy to beratur! (Or too shy to be seen lining up). It's really that good huh? Just like the charsiew fan in Sky Hotel, Chulia St. The one my cousin wakes up for (she wakes up late but for this scrumptious char siew and siew yoke, she will do the unthinkable!). Have you tried the char siew fan by the way? Skip the chicken. Get there by 11.30am to book your char siew and siew yoke.

Reese said...

Mark really likes the curry, but I think it's the odd opening hour & beratur which adds to the experience.

Reese said...

For the 10pm "beratur" experience, it's worth the wait:)