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Penang Arts

      From traditional batik painting to contemporary art, dance, music, photography, theater and fashion design, Penang is the source of many talented artists.  Perhaps it has to do with the island’s environment  and its rich history of diversity.

      From an early age, I developed an interest in art and dance.  However, it wasn't until my return to Penang this year that I rekindled the passion to create - to sketch, to move, to represent the connection I feel to my home. 

      I have realized that art is a path to understanding.  Therefore, I want this space to be an outlet for art in Penang.  Not only of my work, but also of others with a keen sense of expressing their relationship with Penang.

      Find Art on Capturing Penang:

      Find Galleries in Penang:
      • Alpha Utara Gallery, 83 China Street
      • 29 the Gallery, 29 China Street
      • Galeri Seni Mutiara, 118 Armenian Street
      • Fuan Wong The Gallery & Studio Howard, 88 Armenian Street
      • a2 Gallery, 27 Bangkok Lane in Pulau Tikus