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Thye Guan Tong Ong Kongsi Temple - A Glimpse Inside

Komtar looming over the open courtyard of Ong Kongsi Temple

We have to admit something - most of the stories we share on Capturing Penang are by accident. No hard work, no thorough research, no tourist map. Just dumb luck. But that is the wonderful part about Penang. As we walk through George Town every day, there is always some piece of history or culture to discover. To experience.

Yesterday, we walked to the bus stop across from Komtar along Penang Road (where most tourists will find themselves at some point during their trip). Next to the stop, a beautifully restored Chinese Temple, called Thye Guan Tong Ong Kongsi, quietly sits perpetually locked behind an imposing fence. A stark contrast to most temples in Penang that are free and open to visitors every day.

As luck would have it, we passed by the temple around sundown, and the doors were open. Lanterns lit up the entrance, and red cloth welcomed the Ong Clan members for a special dinner. The members were arriving, so we quickly stopped in for a peek of another amazing temple in Penang.


Christina Schweighofer said...

Reese -

I love the colors, the opulence, the contrast to the high rise behind the temple. Can you believe that before your blog I had not heard of Penang's beauty?

Thank you!

Reese said...

Thanks Christina! In all honesty, I discovered Penang's beauty almost the same time as you:)