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100th Post on Capturing Penang!

I was driving my Porsche down the five foot walkway along Siam Road in George Town the other day in search of an idea for the 100th post on Capturing Penang.  Can you believe it, 100 already?  We would not have reached this milestone without all your fanstastic comments and emails.  Thank you!

Looking in the sideview mirror at myself, I realized something - I needed a haircut.  No, well yes, but I also realized that this is a journey together through Penang.

If you're here, reading this, I want to hear from you.  What do you want to see on Capturing Penang?  Something new, or maybe something more on a previous post?  What was your favorite?  Do you prefer videos or photos or stories? 

I'd love to know a little about you.  Are you a Penangite living overseas?  Or a frequent visitor to Penang?  Maybe a first-timer to the island?  

Mark and I created Capturing Penang because we wanted to help promote my home, Penang, to visitors like you, and to all those nostalgic Penangites, like me during the previous six years, living far away thinking of the good old days, driving your own sports car down the five foot walkway.

We don't want to continue this journey without you. 

 I'm Reese. 

<--------- He's Mark

                         It's very nice to meet you.

Please click on the "Post a Comment" link below and introduce yourself (feel free to add your blog or website address too). If you prefer an anonymous comment, that's fine too.

I can't wait to hear from you!


debi said...


It's all fun!

I love the colorful pictures and your art work. I enjoy when you post about cooking with your mom - and the recipes. I like the language lessons. Probably, my favorite is seeing the locals in their hometown.

Since I am here in Texas, USA, and may never have the opportunity to come to Penang, I appreciate that I can visit your fascinating home through your eyes.

So, send out a few more hundred posts flavored with your personality and cute sense of humor.


Dodi said...

hi there,

I've been living in Georgetown for almost two months now and your blog helped me to "mentally prepare" for the journey once I learnt I was going to spent one year here. It made me very inpatient too- I couldn't wait to see it all with my own eyes!

I also write a blog on Penang, although for the moment it's more generally about Malaysia because not only Penang, but everything is new here for me, including plants, fruits, food (it's my first time in South-East Asia).

I appreciate every post by you and especially like those with pictures of places or people and their stories (most inaccessible for me as a foreigner). And this is something I would like to see more of.

And since I've written such a long comment already, I would like to thank you very much for all the inspiring stories and for capturing (and sharing) the magic of Penang.

John J Foster said...

Good blog - I was in penang in may, could have done with reading this before then to find some good eating places.
Im an Expat from UK living the good life in Johor Bahru and love every day of it - wish i had done it years ago. call over and have a look at whats going on down south in Johor.
visit -haveyoursayuk.blogspot.com.
and keep up the good work. regards John

Ping said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I know I don't comment much but I read all your entries and greatly appreciate being able to still feel connected with Penang -- our family's hometown, even though I am away.

I love the colors of your paintings, the food, the rituals, the festivals. Too bad there isn't an option yet to share the "smells" of all the food!

I would love it if you could also dive into some of the history behind the street names or different areas in town. My dad used to tell me about how "yea this street is now called XXX but all the locals know it as XXX because of XXX" I always found that to be fascinating.

Can't wait to see you for CNY and explore Penang together!


Reese said...

Hi Debi - thanks for reminding me to continue the cooking lesson with my mom! I haven’t been very consistent with this..I should really visit her soon. It’s fantastic to know that you want to hear more stories on local Penangites. That’s something we wish to do more of - getting to know the people and to build that relationship with them. It’s the best learning experience we can get from doing this blog.

Dodi - A warm welcome to you! I hope you’re adapting to the cultural differences well so far. Ahh...one year in Penang. Almost a year back for us already and we are still finding new things to write about. Too much to experience:)

Would you like to share your blog with us? Would be interesting to hear your experiences of Malaysia. I’m sure we will see you around George Town at an event or hawker stall soon.

John - When we were working in Singapore, we used to go to JB once in a while for all the things like dental, haircuts, shopping, etc. Everything is much cheaper there..Thanks for sharing your blog link! You do look like you are having great fun.

Ping! You’ve thrown in some great ideas there. Who knows, maybe we can somehow put in the smell button for food posts one day! Speaking of street names, I am still learning to piece the different names together. We should do a tour of GT with your dad.

Thank you all for saying hello and your generous comments!

John Hunter said...

I am considering moving to Penang and reading up on others experiences. Thanks for your blog.

Kathy said...

This is a great blog! As a newcomer to Penang with no car, I like how you are able to discover so much via foot or the public buses. Your posts are a breath of fresh air compared to other blogs and I like how you are guided by spontaneity and curiosity, making for such great reads! This is one of the first places I look to for up-to-date events and reviews on unique, hole-in-the-wall gems. Keep it up!! =)

janeyee said...

Hi Reese,

It's really really nice to meet you today! I'm only reading the first few posts in your blog but I'm loving it already! Will surely sit down to go through every post you have!

And just to say I'm really happy to know that there is another person out there working hard to make this little island of ours a better place =)

I'm gonna share your blog with other Penang lovers friends =)

Keep in touch!



Teong Sit said...

Hi. Interesting blog. I especially liked the piece about the "curry mee" ladies at the Air Itam market. I just came back from visiting Penang but no time to go visit the Air Itam market. Maybe next time. Keep up the good work.

Reese said...

Thanks John, Kathy, Jane, and Teong Sit!

We have a lot of fun sharing these stories and especially hearing from you all.

John Hunter said...

I am considering moving to Penang and reading up on others experiences. Thanks for your blog.