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A familiar smile

Some faces you never forget. 

20 years ago were erased in an instant when I heard a bicycle bell and the call, “Kuih ....ku..ih!"  To my astonishment, on the other side of the road stood the old Indian uncle who sold kuih in the George Town neighborhood where I grew up.  I walked over and smiled.  He grinned back and nodded to the many types of kuih (Malaysian style snacks made from glutinous rice) in the basket on his bicycle cart. 

He didn't remember me.  I was just another kid who would dash out of her house in the middle of the day with a few coins, scrambling to get a sweet & savory afternoon snack.  One of the many people he has sold kuih to over the past 50 years.  He proudly announced, "I'm 78!"  He didn't look a day younger, but his heart was young, still enjoying the smiles he receives from his happy customers.

As Penang rapidly changes, it's good to see some things have not.