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One cup of herbal tea a day, keeps the doctor at bay 凉茶一杯

where to drink herbal tea in penang?

Chinese in Penang drink herbal tea when they have sore throat, fever, indigestion, and whatever else ails them.  We can’t prove the healing powers of drinking herbal tea, but we are certain you will feel better when you stand in the middle of an historic George Town street, late at night, next to a Chinese auntie and a tea cart, watching yourself in a giant mirror gulping down a refreshing drink.

Our favorite? Chrysanthemum tea mixed with something slightly bitter, which is cleverly called bitter tea - 苦茶.

herbal tea in on cintra street in george town penang

Where: Lebuh Cintra (between Lebuh Campbell & Lebuh Kimberly)
When: Around 4pm-11pm


Vineet Sharma said...

thanks 4 sharing this post with us Restaurant Brugge

Kimura said...

Wow, drinks there seem like tasty..