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Carnavon Street Musical 青青沓田仔街‏

From nature's stage at Penang Botanic Gardens, the "Ombak Muda" children's group will shift to the city, performing amidst the history of George Town's UNESCO World Heritage site.  The 20-minute program will feature music and dance performances that present a story of Carnavon Street's past and present, in conjunction with the George Town Official Green Project.

Meet us this time at Lebuh Carnavon (Street)

Date: Saturday, January 29, 2011
Time: 9am & 10.15am
Venue: Intersection of Acheen Street & Carnavon Street, near World Heritage Incorporated Office

Carnavon Street 沓田仔街
Known originally as Lam-Chan-Na to the Chinese, which means swamp field, Carnavon Street is the street of undertakers, coffin-makers, Chinese bookshops, art materials, and funerary paper artifacts.  Once a bustling street in George Town, you can find some of the oldest shophouses here.

Join us for this musical & dance performance to rediscover Carnavon Street!

Update: Performance covered in The Star Newspaper.


Lynette said...

This is amazing XD

Reese said...

Thanks Lynette. We received overwhelming response from the audience. Most importantly, the kids have enjoyed doing the performance.

Lynette said...

This is amazing XD