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Ready to Eat in Penang?! (George Town - Part 1)

Some days you lose all self-control in Penang.  You walk from shop to shop, hawker stall to hawker stall, eating long after your hunger has subsided.  Then you're full, you can't eat anymore.  But there you are at the corner shop, eating again.

It's not your fault.

It's not.

The blame falls entirely on these street chefs.  They lure you in like Sirens, playing music with metal spatulas on woks.  They trick you, transforming clouds of steam into smoke signals.  And the aromas...you smell garlic and chili and soy sauce and sesame seed oil, and you shut your eyes and run towards it with your mouth open.

It's not fair.  You can't win.

It's probably best you don't come to Penang.  If you must, then pack an extra pair of pants that are too big for you.

Because they will find you.

This video is the first in a series we will feature on Capturing Penang.  We begin in George Town with breakfast, lunch, and a late afternoon snack, at the following:
  • Breakfast of Chee Cheong Fun and Kuih Kak (fried rice cake) at the Chowrasta morning market
  • Popiah Skin (spring roll wrapper) from Uncle Lim at No 5, Chowrasta Road, to make popiah at home for dinner.
  • Morning snack of Roasted Chestnuts at corner of Chowrasta Road & Penang Road
  • Lunch of Beef Soup Koay Teow at corner of Chulia Street & Beach Street.  Try the fresh nutmeg juice too.
  • Dessert of Teochew Chendul on Keng Kwee Street, off Penang Road.
  • Afternoon snacks of Coconut at Joez Coconut on 201 Dato Keramat Road, and Apom (pancake) at Mr Guna's cart on Dato Keramat Road near Kuantan Road.
For more information on these restaurants/stalls, please see our "Ready to Eat in George Town?!" list.

Continue to Part 2...


stephen said...

Jeepers! I really don't know if I go there for the beef koay teow or to ogle at the owner!! haha!

Reese said...

Stephen!! You are too funny! Don't scare her off though...

Surita said...

Execellent video, Reese & Mark! My mouth was watering while watching the video. Would love to have kuih kak, apam and cendol. :)

Surita said...

Execellent video, Reese & Mark! My mouth was watering while watching the video. Would love to have kuih kak, apam and cendol. :)

Julia said...

Hello - i just came across your blog while cruising around for info leading up to 2 week holiday in penang (i'm from darwin australia and heading there soon with my partner and nearly-3 yr old daughter). Fantastic stories and photos and writing and really interesting aspects of penang not necessarily covered on other sites. Love it. And this video about the street food - too perfect. i can't wait to get there. Might have to move there!

Season with Spice said...

Thank you Julia! We hope you enjoy your visit to Penang.

We visited Darwin a few years ago during the dry season and had a wonderful time. Miss all that fresh seafood!