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Ponggal - An Indian Thanksgiving Festival

A three-day Hindu festival, Ponggal is celebrated by the Tamils of Penang, in honor of the Sun God, Surya.  On this Indian Thanksgiving, they give praise to Surya, as life would not be possible without sunlight. Occurring between January 13 to January 25 every year, Ponggal is also a time to offer gratitude to nature for a good harvest.

Little India is the place to experience Ponggal in Penang, where you will see homes and businesses decorated at the entrance with sugar canes, bananas, mango leaves and turmeric leaves.  All symbolizing sweet and bountiful blessings.
If you can wake up by dawn on the third day, you can observe the Hindus boiling milk in decorated earthen pots in front of their homes.  They will boil the milk until it spills over to symbolize the abundance of blessings provided for the family.
A mock display of the milk-boiling on a kolam (decorative floor drawing) in Little India.
Ladies in Little India busily shopping for the start of Ponggal.