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Wonton Noodles - Kung Fu Style

With tables hiding in the five foot walkways at each corner of the intersection, we instead found the nearest table to the cook.

His kung fu style of serving one of the best wan tan mee in George Town kept my finger on my camera trigger, trying to catch his lightning moves.

Where: Intersection of Lebuh Melayu & Lorong Toh Aka
When: 12.30pm - 5.30pm (closed on weekends)

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Christina Schweighofer said...

Great job with the video. You had me smiling all the way through. The guy is dancing to cook!

stephen said...

OK I've seen this movie before.Let me guess, its "crouching cook,hidden wantan" or is it " wantan in cook's shadow"??!!
Nice video, pity I have developed a sensitivity to the "kee" in the noodles.Upsets my tummy.
Been back the last few days mowing down the food.I need to "escape from food isalnd".

Reese said...

Thanks Christina and Stephen!

I think everyone needs a break from "Food Island". So many tasty dishes, but not exactly healthy. We've been trying to cook more often at home now.

steve said...

wow! great video..