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Photographer - Okui

If there’s one thing missing in George Town, it is young people. They are not interested in history or culture, or walking in the hot sun to explore shophouses and morning markets.

Or are they?

Okui, a 20 year old Media Arts student in Kuala Lumpur, always finds time to return to her home in Penang during school breaks. But instead of heading to the mall, she drags her friends around George Town to explore. The self-proclaimed heritage guide still gets lost around unfamiliar corners, to the frustration of her friends, but she takes it all in stride – “it’s only an island, how lost can we get?”

But what she has learned by getting lost is that those are the moments you find what you’re looking for. Simple scenes of life in George Town.

And lucky for us, Okui has a passion for photography. It runs in her family from her grandfather shooting with his twin-lens, to her older sister introducing her to digital photography. Over the years, her mentors taught her the technical side of photography, and also shared the importance of stepping away from the lens, to understand and appreciate the people in front of you. To first hear their stories, before you can capture it through your pictures.

“I never realized how special Penang was until I left home.” I couldn’t agree more, Okui. Thank you for joining Capturing Penang and sharing all the wonderful stories you tell through your lens.