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Penang Wildlife

Green Crested Lizard hiding in the ferns at Air Itam Dam
Street food, shophouses, beaches, festivals, markets, heritage…all things that come to mind when people think of Penang.

But what about nature?  What about wildlife?  Other than the east side of the island, Penang is still very much jungle.

No tigers or tapirs like on the mainland of Malaysia, but Penang still offers the same fascinating diversity of wildlife, just in smaller form -  sea otters, snakes & giant tortoises, macaques and dusky leaf monkeys, Malayan giant squirrels, leaf insects...

Re-sharing this amazing leaf insect from my previous post on Air Itam Dam

Wildlife can be found throughout the island, but as I shared in one of my first posts on Capturing Penang, Air Itam Dam is my favorite place to explore the natural wonders of the island.  I’m not sure if it’s the location, the path, or pure luck, but I always spot interesting creatures there.

Like this moth.

Or is it a rat?

Or a bird?  Maybe an owl?