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WANTED: Have you seen this teh tarik man?


Name:                             Ghani
Alias:                               "The tea guy"
Occupation:                    Professional teh tarik maker, since the age of 12
Date of birth:                   Unknown
Particulars:                     Male, about 165cm, mustache, wearing black sandals and a red F&N apron.
Last known address:   Teh Tarik stall on Lebuh Union (Street), but according to his unhelpful coworkers,
                                          he no longer works there and they do not know where he went.


This man is considered armed with hot tea and he knows how to stretch it to the limit.  Even known to perform the impossible task of pulling tea behind his back.

If spotted, stay at least five feet back to ensure full view of tea pulling spectacle, and to avoid hot tea splashing in your eyes.


Delicious Penang teh tarik (pulled tea).
Date of picture: Unknown (but probably sometime last week)
If you have any information concerning this person, please contact Capturing Penang or leave a comment below.


Christina Schweighofer said...

Does it taste different?

Reese said...

The tea is pulled to get the perfect temperature and to optimise the mixing of milk and tea. After the process, you will get a much better flavoured frothy milk tea.

I’ve tried pulling coffee with milk at home, but not very high (because I would spill it!). It does taste better:)