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River Meets Light - Behind the Scenes

River Meets Light, one of the final highlights of George Town Festival, will be this Friday and Saturday night at Prangin Canal.

Prangin Canal was once a vital waterway in the heart of the city. Anyone who grew up in George Town before the 1960s would remember Prangin Canal as a center of activity, with tongkang (barges) and perahu (boats) going up the canal to bring produce to the Sia Boey Market.

Sadly, what we know of the canal today is an open sewer next to a parking lot full of trash.

There are plans already underway for the redevelopment of the Canal area, which has resulted in most of the historic shophouses (and traditional businesses and residents) being removed, and with it, any sign of the past.

We hope, through River Meets Light, that we can transform Prangin Canal into a stage to connect the significant economic, cultural, and environmental impact the space has played in Penang’s early beginnings and through its development.

“You need to build a relationship with the space. Do not let the harsh conditions and the rawness of the surroundings intimidate you." Our dance director for River Meets Light, Aida Redza, has been pushing us to explore the space in the many months of practice leading up to this weekend's performances.

It has been a journey of bruises, scratches, rashes, and torn muscles, but also a journey of connections that I hope will come through in our movements and creative expressions.

Please join us on Friday or Saturday night at 8:30pm for the first contemporary performance at Prangin Canal, to revive the historic and cultural importance of this special place in Penang.


debi yaz said...

I love that first picture - fascinating. I hope history will be preserved.

seasonwithspice said...

Thank you Debi. The performance went well and we did manage to get the audience thinking about our rivers and the history of Prangin Canal. Hope to share some pictures soon:)

I will spending some time reading your updated posts soon!

Digital Printing said...

For me the third picture is the most outstanding one. The lady's moves,body language is so dramatic. It's like one of the poses I've seen from the theater here in Los Angeles. Congratulations for having a successful performance.